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ALL Artists shall be noted on here who have worked with ARTribu.. apologies to those not up yet .. Jill McCrae, Karen Bothmann, Zimmi, Josie.. I've not forgotten you amazing ladies.. hoping to catch up on the website updates at some point soon! xx



We welcome you both!


Sustainable Glass Bead Maker and S

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MICHELE BEVIS from EMUBEADS is joining us as one of our Featured Fine Artists!

Gather your Beads – Gather your Friends – Make something New from something Old!

Raid your jewellery box, enjoy a tipple and upcycle your old beads and jewels. Add pops of vibrant orange with lava-like viscosity, or opulent blues and greens to create pizazz and wow factor using several hand-crafted stunning glass beads to create your new Go-To piece!

Learn how Michele makes her amazing selection of unique glass beads through the process of layering, shaping, mixing glass, and adding recycled metal inclusions to meld each individual shape. Firing the glass with her lamp work torch, adding texture, and selecting the thread size, I can understand her excitement as she watches the forms and changes happening before her eyes. Repurposing potential waste, sandwiching metals between layers of shiny coloured glass, until an eco, sustainable Jewel is discovered, that can then finally be placed overnight to anneal in the kiln.

The process is slow, but the outcome is divine.

The satisfaction of a unique, one off, stunning bead, ready to thread into wearable art, can be seen on her face. I am personally, elated with her achievements! An old tradition similar to that of glass blowing perhaps, but with a twist. A way to make jewellery which is ethically correct and is socially in touch with the times we live in, in a world that often feels like everything is made of plastic, in an era where everything is disposable.

Artribu could not be happier to share this Artesian and her work with you all. Michele will introduce you to an array of techniques to turn your old and treasured, however outdated jewels, into a modern contemporary, and unique piece. She includes one of her handmade glass beads, of your choice, into the cost of the workshop, and gives us a chance to reinvent our treasured old memories into new and wearable art!

Michele has an abundance of individually crafted, captivating, hand-made beads to add to your reinvented, artistic creations, which can be purchased at the workshop. The hardest part will be deciding which beads are must-haves!

Michele Bevis features across 3 workshops only this month. Every class is a maximum of 4 people only, so grab your besties and share your jewels to create new ones!

Cost: $65/head - 4 per class maximum

Friday 11 February - BEADS & BUBBLES / 6pm-9pm

click to book:

Thursday 17 February - BEADS & BUBBLES / 6pm-9pm

click to book:

Wednesday 23 February - REVAMP GATHERING / 10am-1pm

click to book:

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Potter & Teacher

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 1.42.14 pm.png

I am from Japan and have lived in Australia for over 15 years.  I always wanted to do pottery and it finally came true in 2015.  I started pottery at a local community pottery studio.  My love for the pottery grew and got my own wheel, then finally my own kiln in 2020.  It has been a really exciting journey. ​​​​​I have been teaching at the community studio for last 3 years, and now I am offering private classes in my humble rustic studio. I sell my creation from local markets.  

About Muddy Hands

Muddy Hands' pottery studio is in Far North NSW surrounded by National parks with so much natural beauty.  You can have a little getaway from the busy life, time to relax and rejuvenate in a lush tropical garden with relaxing atmosphere. 

I love spending time creating my pottery pieces in this rustic studio which is hand made by my husband.  It's a very earthly rustic studio mostly made by the second hand materials.  I am very lucky to have this space for my creation and it's my pleasure to share this special space and experience with others.

Anybody can be a great potter with a bit of clay.  Clay is so flexible and so forgiving.  That's what I like about pottery.  You can make anything. You will remember the fun you had playing with dirt and sand when you were a child. It is like a meditation and creation rolled into one.

Come and experience a world of clay wonder. 

Acrylics Painter


Maria-Rosa is a young emerging artist from the Northern Rivers.


Using primarily acrylic paint, she creates dreamy, opulent scenes of

the female form surrounded by flowers and nature where the subconscious

is invited to explore realms of beauty and possibility.

Currently she is studying Colour of Woman, an Intentional Creativity Teacher Training course with Shiloh Sophia. 

Maria-Rosa is an amazing talent that ARTribu is absolutely delighted to introduce to the region as our very first UP & COMING ARTIST. She will be doing some wonderful classes for us from mid December on Thursday Days, possibly on the odd Tuesday night and as a treat featuring a weekend workshop, or maybe two. 



Oils, Acrylics & Pastel's

Hi, my name is Roslyn

I have lived and worked in this beautiful valley of Murwillumbah in the Northern NSW Region for the last 30 years. There is an abundance of inspiration to be drawn from its glorious countryside and also from our birds, animals and all the creatures that reside here. This can be seen in all of my artworks as they reflect the land and the nature within it.


I love passing on my knowledge and experience to others in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I have held a position as art therapy/teacher locally for the past six years and conducted art classes at the Murwillumbah information Centre. It was here I worked extensively on 17 ceiling high panels to create a 360 degree panorama painting of the view from atop of Mount Warning. I have worked as a Gallerist and Resident Artist at the Murwillumbah Main Street Gallery.

I am now looking forward to helping a range of people find relaxation and enjoyment at ARTribu Studio as their first of many Featured Fine Artist's, through the rewarding process of producing a work in the mediums of my expertise. 

I am excited to be a part of this amazing new local Art Space and 
can't wait to meet you all soon.

Kind regards,



Australian Artist Magazine
Colour in Your Life



Each month a Featured Artists will be represented to begin their journey of collaborating with ARTribu. They will be one or a couple of artists representing any of these categories

An established, well known and local FINE ARTIST whose techniques and experience in the freehand approach are astoundingly wonderful!

One of our many talented local CREATIVE & APPLIED artists who is the maker of decorative and unique objects and forms will also feature


A young Start-Up Artist who is amazing in their decided medium is featured and given a chance to get their name out into the world of the arts and a chance to teach their skills. These artists can range from 16yo-25yo.

We hope you get to enjoy spending some time with many of the artists as they are here to share their gifts with YOU!

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