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A bit about me..


ARTribu was born in my heart some years ago. I have always been a passionate follower of all things arty within a huge industry of creative souls. These people always seemed to be free, I wanted to be one of them - I just didn't know I was the whole time!

An avid chaser of fun, a soul who travels for the mind's escape, a lover of nature, hiking, climbing, swimming under waterfalls, experiencing other cultures, flavours, exciting all the senses, and absorbing amazing colour palettes everywhere. Travel and nature was more of an education than school ever was for me. My love of painting was always inspired following exciting adventures, however, I never had any space to create what I really wanted. Time was always an issue to finish anything as quickly as possible, as I worked some crazy hours for years. Never in one place for long, moving often made it hard to have many art supplies, until 10 years ago I found, what I call "base camp", the Northern Rivers, NSW. 

Somewhere to set up and stay, somewhere to come back home to after my adventures.

After living along the East Coast beaches, I moved to Murwillumbah, and due to the community it is, where the arts culture is abundant, the access to the mountains and the sea, it is here I now call home. 

It was time. Time to create again. To establish a business to spread my wings a little, to paint, create and facilitate an inviting experience or all to come and find their inner souls, to find their "flow and freedom" in an art space for all abilities and levels, and most of all, a place to have FUN.

I am a FUN artist, as opposed to a fine artist. My workshops are designed to share the freedom I find in art, to escape the world at times. To be in the now, to not worry about "doing it wrong" and create something I had no idea I could even do at the beginning of the journey. To share the meditative solo experience it can give you, or the ones when you create with your tribe, who are the friends you meet along the way. The flow we fall into, gliding just like a bird, rising above the noise outside or inside your head, these are the moments I want others to understand and share. To feel connected to yourself, to those in the room, to the universe and its abundance, in a space with no judgement, primarily to have fun, to laugh and to be happy in the moment.

That's what ARTribu is, a space to create, smile, laugh and have fun.

I look forward to creating with you all soon.

Yours with kindness, love and hugs,



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