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About ARTribu

Finding happiness through ART, being in the "now" and loving life.

Humans encouraging & supporting other humans, but most of all, having fun in our ART TRIBE




It's a word play, meaning ART TRIBE. ARTribu is a tribute to my French family as this is where my Artistic genes flow from!

I wanted my lineage to be included with the title, as my family, whether near or far, is very dear to me.


Tribu, in French means Tribe which translates to Family. For me, the friends and family I have are MY TRIBE.

ART + Tribu, joined in a word play is ARTribu (pronounced Ar - tree - boo)

I want YOU to all be a part of my ARTribu !!

At ARTribu, I will be doing FUN ART as opposed to Fine Art group workshops using multiple mediums, holding Paint & Sip nights, and facilitating a fun space for women (predominantly), to escape the world for a bit, and be in a creative tribe!


My belief overall is that women never give themselves enough time to do creative things they enjoy, as they are often so busy looking after other people. So, I wanted to create a fun space they can come, to paint, to connect with life again, to breathe, be in the NOW, and mostly, to SMILE! 


A space where there are no rules apart from to be kind, where there is no judgement by anyone, to simply have a wonderful experience, to find their flow, and to laugh and smile again like a 6-year-old!


ARTribu will not only offer many workshops for woman, but other classes will also be available to all members of the community, of all abilities, and be non-gender and/or non-binary specific.


It is predominantly a space which is inclusive for all humans to come and have fun! 



ARTribu & JOHNNY FRANCO'S 2023 bi-monthly

PAINT EAT SIP classes are booked and ready to roll!

I will be dropping ALL events across FB and Instagram with what we will be doing a few weeks to a month before each class!

PLUS.. dates are confirmed for the ARTribu LADIES Networking Lunches at TWEED RIVER HOUSE and TROPICAL FRUIT WORLD, bi-monthly classes are booked with CABARITA SPORTS CLUB (the alternate months to Johnny's) and an amazing paint day experience at SUGAR BEACH RANCH in Ballina will be one not to miss! .. And that is just the start!

Markets for kids’ activities are also held when possible with Makers and Finders at Knox Park.

Im so excited! I cant wait to play and paint with you all again as we go into 2023 having a load of fun together to paint for our own HAPPINESS!




To expand past my abilities, I have worked with multiple other collaborators who joined me to share and host their amazing skills. Some of the other creatives fine artists ARTribu has been working with are fine artists, glass bead artisans, weavers, indigenous arts, potters, ceramicist’s, and fashion/ life sketch artists.


Every so often I get in a new feature artist to do a few classes, to give the public variety and a chance to work with the community and be their to support them. It is a huge goal of mine to support young and talented artists, to give them a chance to learn how to tutor a classroom and also give them a chance to get their name out into the world on a larger platform. So I welcome start- up artists to join with us, at ARTribu. This will hopefully also give them a chance to no doubt meet some of the local established artists whom they may not have had a chance to meet with yet. After all, sharing is caring!


Yes, it is a new business, but it is not my first business. My previous business, called The Creative Cave was quite successful also, working with children and community groups. I chose to close it in 2018, as I didn’t feel I had quite the right recipe at the time, that something was missing. In 2021, I figured out what that missing part was, thanks to a wonderful friend who pointed it out to's WOMEN! Women need this more than just children!

Then with further thought, I decided in FACT, EVERYONE needs this!! 


Now, I have expanded, the time is right to grow, and invite my tribe to gather. I welcome the whole community, to share the love, the wonders and the freedom the arts world can offer. If you have never done anything before, or even if you have, this is for you, EVERYONE can play with paint.. forget what you've been programmed with and the "cants", you can do anything you want to!

Join US, and be with other like minded people, to be one together, in an ART TRIBE! 

Find your new freedom in the arts and join our TRIBE at ARTribu.

Love and kindness to you all


Let’s Work Together

Collaborators and Artists, Creatives of all kinds, please, get in touch so we can start working together.

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